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Meet Mel Hofmann

An Odyssey of Healing and Art

Mel Hofmann’s journey began with challenging life events that sparked her passion for exploring consciousness. From a Kundalini awakening at 16 to mastering various healing arts, Mel has developed a unique intuitive healing style that has transformed lives. With a degree in fine art textiles and a flair for digital and mixed media art, she combines creativity and healing to produce emotionally resonant works. Discover more about Mel’s inspiring story and her innovative art and healing practices.


Mel Hofmann’s paintings are a profound exploration of personal narratives and spiritual connections, masterfully crafted through fabric and mixed media. Each piece tells a unique story, from the mystical “Crossroads of Creation” with its indigo-dyed, turtle-patterned fabric infused with the energy of Papa Legba, to the protective “Journey of Protection,” where checkerboard designs and baby sea turtles symbolize resilience and maternal care.

In “Threads of Healing,” Mel combines hand-painted fabrics with acrylics to depict her journey as an Energy Healer, infusing each piece with healing energy. “Sewn Visions” delves into the realm of divination, using fabrics inspired by ancestral sewing notions to convey messages from the spirit world.

Discover the transformative power of Mel’s art and the deep meanings woven into each fabric and stroke of paint.


Mel Hofmann’s textile work employs resist techniques, which involve material binding, dyeing with various methods, and extensive experimentation. For Mel, art is about the process of discovery, a journey that brings immense enjoyment. Her textiles have evolved into a powerful medium for narrating and visualizing traumatic past experiences, enabling her to process and heal those experiences tangibly. Each piece stands as a testament to resilience and transformation, turning pain into beauty through the intricate dance of colors and patterns.

Medicine Card Reading​

Transformative Readings and Insights for Memorable Gatherings

Elevate your next event with the profound insights of Mel Hofmann. Mel offers readings from her Sacred Journey Medicine Cards deck for intimate gatherings of up to 20 guests, providing a captivating experience for up to 3 hours. For larger groups or longer events, Mel can coordinate with additional readers who use various decks, including Tarot Cards, or offer other types of readings.

Mel is passionate about using her intuitive abilities to serve as a life-transforming Medicine Card Reader. She helps clients receive messages and gain greater clarity around life events. A Medicine Card reading with Mel is a highly advanced, metaphysical tool for personal growth. Renowned in the fields of divination and healing, Mel brings powerful abilities to each reading.

Come with a specific question, or allow Mel to read the cards and delve deeply into your life. Either way, you will receive healing insights and profound guidance, making your event unforgettable.

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Personal and Professional Photography

Specializing in capturing life’s moments, Mel Hofmann offers professional photography services that beautifully portray both personal and professional expressions. Mel’s photography is perfect for websites, newsletters, social media sharing, and display purposes. With expertise in sizing and cropping images to meet specific needs, Mel ensures each photo serves its intended purpose flawlessly.

Additionally, Mel provides options for prints on paper, metal, or canvas, as well as a variety of products such as mugs, shirts, calendars, and more. With abundant resources, turning your photos into tangible memories has never been easier.

Please contact Mel for rates and more information to start preserving your precious moments today.

Energy Healing

Balance and Energize Your Life

Work with Mel Hofmann remotely via Zoom or in a “Covid Safe” environment like Mel’s healing room or your backyard. As a masterful transformational healer, Mel helps balance, energize, and open Chakras, leaving clients feeling balanced, happier, and more confident.

Using a combination of a pendulum, vibrational energy, and her intuition, Mel identifies and addresses energy blockages. This process liberates clients, making them feel lighter, freer, and more empowered.

Experience the profound benefits of Mel’s healing sessions and transform your well-being.

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