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Medicine Card Reading

Move from Pain to Empowerment with Sacred Journey Medicine Cards

Created By Mel Hofmann, respected visionary fine artist, elder mystic medicine woman
These Medicine Cards Offer A Gentle Awakening
Mel merges her success as a fine artist, energy healer, intuitive reader and medium in her unique cards.
Each card is a multi-layering of…
  • shapes
  • photos
  • tissue paper
  • print making
  • textures
  • glue
  • watercolor
  • tempera paint
  • numbers
  • pen/pencil drawing
  • scribbling
  • masking
  • collage
The images are inspired by…
  • Mythology
  • Plant Medicine
  • Psychedelics
  • Spirit Guides
  • Angels
  • Ancestors
  • Animals
  • Wildlife
The mixed media work and photos featured in her deck were
made or collected over a period of many years.
The result:
Because Mel’s artwork is so beautifully multi-dimensional, her
Medicine Cards offer greater emotional resonance – with the
potential for higher levels of insights and healing.

Medicine Cards
will provide

They will shed great light and help you to shine at your brightest.
  • High quality card stock
  • Crisp, clear images
  • Superior varnish ensures durability
Mel Hofmann Holding The Card
Only $29.95 plus shipping and handling.
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CARD READERS SAY: “The Sacred Journey Medicine Cards are filled to the brim with layers and dimensions — not just compositionally, but energetically as well. This is the first collage deck that I have ever worked with. And, I LOVE IT!” – @indiedeckreview
Mel Hofmann With Cards

Work with Mel
to read your cards - via Zoom. Only $100.00 for 1 reading



These lovingly illustrated cards are a joy to behold. A thoughtfully written book full of insights and gems of wisdom accompanies them. I have enjoyed perusing them myself and sharing them with my friends. Buy a set for yourself and more to gift to those you love.

Matthew Alan Kane

These Sacred Medicine Cards
are a highly vibrating amalgam of

  • Traditional Oracle Cards
  • Energy Oracle Cards
  • Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards
  • Animal Oracle Cards
  • Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards
  • Chakra Oracle Cards
  • Animal Spirit Oracle Cards
  • Artist Oracle Cards
  • Indie Deck Oracle Cards
  • Animal Medicine Cards
  • Plant Medicine Cards
  • Artisan Cards
  • Psychedelic Medicine Cards
  • Shamanic Medicine Cards
  • Divination Cards

Benefits Of These Medicine Cards

You’ll love how the healing medicine of the beautiful images – along with their companion messages – can be used for life changing in-depth explorations.
Use the cards regularly to tap into higher consciousness answers to any questions or concerns which might be troubling you.

Attain inner wisdom,
guidance and healing in
the following areas:

Healing from Trauma
Connecting with your Spirit Guides
Benefiting from the Medicine of Nature
Connecting with your Power Animals
Restoring Wholeness
Connecting with your Innate Power
Trusting your Intuition
Restoring your Passion for Life
Bringing Energetic balance to your Chakra system
Radiating Light
Trusting in the Universe
Opening to Flow States and Synchronicity
Sacred Journey Medicine Cards by Mel Hofmann
Only $29.95 plus shipping and handling.
Please allow time for delivery.
If you have questions about your order, please
don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my contact page.



“I find these cards to be very grounding and supportive for me when I need to center myself and receive a deeper message. They call me into the present moment. I've worked with many decks in my life and these cards are much deeper, carefully channeled and potent. Literally, the medicine of the messages are palpable. I bought 5 decks to give as gifts and the recipients loved them too. There is a difference between a highly manufactured and contrived product and something that is carefully curated from heart and spirit. This deck feels like true wisdom, hand crafted and written by a seasoned wisdom-keeper. I highly recommend these cards for your heart and soul or for the support of others.”

Wendy De Rosa
The School for Intuitive Studies


“The first thing you notice about this deck is the infusion of vitality in each of the 54 cards. The layers, colors, shapes, lines, and forms in the compositions are organic and spontaneous -- truly reminiscent of the natural world they embody and represent. The compositions on the card fronts are an interesting balance between abstract and concrete imagery. And, they are arranged so that the reader's eye is drawn to each aspect individually; while still being able to take in the entire card. I like layers as an artist, but I specifically benefit from them as a card-reader. Layers give a deck more multi-dimensional applications and accessibility. …….I have worked with these cards for about a week, and each time I pick up the deck, something new emerges. Something I did not see before makes itself known.”

Indie Deck Review

Mel’s Journey to Creating
The Fine Artwork In
Her Medicine Cards

Mark, Gunian & Martin

Mark Bockley (on left) in Africa with his Teachers

This deck is inspired by a message received from Nature Spirits during a Dagara Stick Divination – which Mel experienced with Mark Bockley. Together they consulted with ancestors and spirits – and a divine message was received. Mark picked up on clear spirit guidance that Mel was needed to create a deck of Medicine Cards. He also saw Mel working with groups of people – using the cards for insight and healing. Mark recognized that this was Mel’s calling – and that it would bring emotional benefits both to Mel (in their creation) and to anyone who who used the cards.
Here’s the original note about the cards – written at the time of this Dagara Stick Divination – in January 2016.
Mel Hofmann Medicine Card Chalk Board
Soon after, Mel made an offering of ash to a tree in gratitude for this message, and agreed to take on this assignment.

And so it began…

Colored Pencils Journal
The powerful images and inspiring messages for the cards then came through to Mel – with the help of Spirits, synchronicities, visual journaling and a range of artistic experimentations.
Although the Muses are not included in her deck, Mel says they led the way for her – allowing her to trust the evolutionary process of creating these cards.
Mel also thanks Annie Danberg, LMFT – her visual journaling teacher, who gifted her with the guidance for the artwork as the framework for these cards.
Much of the artwork for the cards was created within the pages of a range of 7 visual journals through a span of years.
Pile of Journals

Mel says that the nature Spirits also had their hand in this project - long before the card creation started. As some of the art and photography was done prior to the assignment.

For example, the diamond shapes had already appeared in her fine art before creating the cards.
Diamonds In The Road Art
Some of her inspiration for the cards came from researching sacred animal medicine. For example, Mel learned that the land crab represents boundaries and so she paired artwork from her journals with a land crab photograph as her Boundaries card.

Other inspiration for cards came from
divine synchronicities.

For example, one night Mel dreamt of a bobcat. The next day, on a hike with a friend, they saw 2 two young bobcats on the path in front of them. One of the photographs captured on this day became part of the imagery on the first card in the deck.
Bee Card Image
Plus the bee photo seen on the back of the card, also happened by happenstance – and was discovered in a synchronous way while walking her dog.

The snake photos in other card’s layered artwork also includes snakes that Mel spontaneously discovered in a kismet way.

Tree Of Life
The card creation was messy and
spontaneous rather than pre-planned.
Mel tapped into her powers as an elder
Medicine Woman – and freely opened up to
her physical and spiritual intuition to connect
with the materials.
After a long and winding journey of creation, Mel finally,
ultimately, completed her deck of 54 cards in December of 2019.

“This is an exquisite medicine deck that is both evocative and provocative. We used it at our Women’s Journey Circle and everyone present received a huge gift of wisdom, insight and inspiration.”

Valerie Carpenter
The Vestibule Center for Sound Living

A Magical Merging of
Healing Art and Fine Art

Because this deck is rooted in fine art, it’s important to treat each card that you choose in a reading as if it is a treasured work of art.

You might want to keep it out for a period of time, in an open space, so you can view it both as sacred inspiration and as beautiful art.

You may intuitively know where and how you want to display the card. But here are some suggestions.

  • Create an altar – with the card(s) – and other elements that are meaningful to you
  • Place the card on a stand.
  • Display the card(s) prominently in your living room on a table – as fine art to be admired by all.
  • Dedicate a private space for the card(s) in your closet – that only you will see

Wherever you choose to place the card after its drawing or selection - know that embracing the sacredness of the card is an important part of the ritual.

Sacred Journey Medicine Cards Deck
Only $29.95 plus shipping and handling.
Please allow time for delivery.
If you have questions about your order, please
don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my contact page.



“I have the distinct good fortune to know Mel Hofmann in real life, so I was quick to buy a deck of these beautiful cards. While I assumed they would be good, I continue to be amazed at how provocative and helpful these cards are for my own spiritual development! Each card provides multiple depths of invitation beginning with the gorgeous images and moving through the excellent accompanying booklet. The cards have been particularly useful to me when I reach a "stuck" place or find myself overwhelmed. They gently, but quickly call me back to my own wisdom and knowing. The other terrific thing about his deck is that it is good for just about anyone - regardless of spiritual tradition. The topics are universal and connect well with various beliefs systems. This is a real rarity, in my own experience and very, very helpful. As such, they make a great and thoughtful gift!”

Rev. Dr. Melinda V. McLain


“The Sacred Journey Medicine Cards open up a gently piercing world of insight and activate a necessary dialogue with kindred spirits including animals and plants that help bring healing and a deepened affinity with nature and ourselves. Mel has created compelling visual essence fields that allow the spiritual energies to radiate and communicate with the viewer in a variety of ways. The layered imagery opens the door for multiple reads and perspectives to emerge with each successive viewing. Very engaging and also potently wild.”

Mark Bockley