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Joining Together Medicine Card

Joining Together Medicine Card

Soon you will be joining with others to create something that will require a collaborative effort. Each person will bring their skills to the table. There may be some overlap, but each voice and vision offers a unique
contribution. You are connected with these individuals like the mycelial network of the Mushroom, embedded in the soil of this earth. Your leadership may be called on to build community; you will be guided by the unseen world in this process. Like the Mushrooms, this community may fluctuate in size but will have the potential to remain in one spot for years. Pay attention to the visions and insights that you receive from the sacred fungi; there is an unseen aspect of this process that may be challenging to discern. Detours might happen along the way, but in the end you are bringing something significant, valuable, and life-changing into being.

Psilocybe subaeruginosa photograph by Bob Ericos, Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Australia Mushroom Observer.

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